Live every day your way

At Warrigal Shell Cove you’ll enjoy the freedom of low maintenance living, so you can spend each day doing what you love. With a range of dining options, amenities and activities, Shell Cove has the best lifestyle offer in the area.

Community at its core


At the centre of Shell Cove is The Quay, featuring beautifully designed shared spaces and a range of hospitality and wellbeing amenities. The Quay includes a gym, beautician, café, lounge, bistro, hairdresser, activities room, a library and much more. Contemporary aesthetics, featuring a stunning reflection pool and complimentary WIFI connection throughout the building make The Quay one of the most exciting and vibrant community spaces on the South Coast.

The place to meet


Pippi’s Café provides you with barista made coffee, tea, snacks and lunch seven days a week. The café will be a great meeting spot to catch up with friends or family and share a warm drink or a hard earned snack after a walk along one of the many beautiful beaches.

Dining out



The Galley bistro provides healthy and nutritious meals every day of the week. It features a communal dining room that is perfect for a social dining experience with the Shell Cove community.

Enjoying the life


At Shell Cove there are plenty of entertainment options to keep you happy. Through concerts, movie screenings, trivia, scrabble, bridge, cards, and bingo, residents will always have something to do. There is also a selection of lively clubs that you can join to keep stay entertained and fit; these include a golf club, bowling club, the day-trippers, dance classes and aqua aerobics.

Plenty to do


With an extensive range of activities at The Quay, there will never be a dull moment and friends old and new will be able to relax together. The exciting activities at Warrigal Shell Cove include performing arts, art classes, computer lessons, learn a language programs, cooking classes, a book club, garden club, croquet, University of the Third Age courses and a cinema club.

Happiness and health


Warrigal Shell Cove has a range of spaces to keep you fit and healthy so that you can make the most of your retirement. The Quay Wellness Centre is a brand new well-being hub available for all Shell Cove village residents and members of the public. Operated by HealthStrong, Australia’s largest mobile allied health provider, the Centre offers Podiatry, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy assessments, group exercise classes and educational seminars related to healthy ageing.

The Quay Wellness Centre delivers wellness and wellbeing services in group and individual settings to promote fitness, encourage socialisation, treat chronic pain and provide educational talks to maintain your mobility and keep you living independently. To book an appointment with the Podiatrist, Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist and find out more about what’s going on at the Quay Wellness Centre, call Bridie on 02 9432 2510.