Services you can rely on

Warrigal Shell Cove features a variety of convenient services, allowing you the time to do what’s most important. Whatever you need, Warrigal can provide for you.

You will be constantly supported with our excellent and experienced on-site concierge. The concierge can assist you seven days a week by facilitating domestic and hospitality services.

Catering to all tastes


At Warrigal Shell Cove you will have plenty of options available when it comes to dining. Pippi’s café has a selection of enticing light lunches and hot drinks that make it a great spot for any social occasion. For more substantial meals The Galley restaurant is perfect for sharing delicious freshly prepared meals with your neighbours, friends and family.

At your service



The Warrigal Shell Cove team and experienced concierge are able to arrange home cleaning, maintenance, laundry, pet grooming, gardening, a car wash, as well as shopping, meals, pharmacy delivery and much more. The Warrigal Shell Cove team will ensure you have all of the services you’ll ever need right here on site , making it the most innovative community village on the coast.

A helping hand


Warrigal Connect offers you tailor made in-home care that ensures your needs are always met. Custom care enables control over the services you may require and when they are received. Some services do have eligibility criteria, however we are sure you will find something that interests you in our many mix and match package options.

The Quay Wellness Centre


Warrigal Shell Cove has a range of spaces to keep you fit and healthy so that you can make the most of your retirement. The Quay Wellness Centre is a brand new well-being hub available for all Shell Cove village residents and members of the public. Operated by HealthStrong, Australia’s largest mobile allied health provider, the Centre offers Podiatry, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy assessments, group exercise classes and educational seminars related to healthy ageing.

The Quay Wellness Centre delivers wellness and wellbeing services in group and individual settings to promote fitness, encourage socialisation, treat chronic pain and provide educational talks to maintain your mobility and keep you living independently. To book an appointment with the Podiatrist, Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist and find out more about what’s going on at the Quay Wellness Centre, call Bridie on 02 9432 2510.